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Nursing Home Care in Southington CT

Nursing Home Care in Southington CT -Supplementing the Costs

Adult children want their parents to receive the proper care they need to function on a daily basis, even if it comes to placing a parent in a nursing home. This decision is never easy and can be an emotionally draining event for everyone involved. Allaire Elder Law helps you plan for nursing home care in Southington CT and explores ways to supplement the rising costs. You don’t have to face these difficult times alone.

Nursing Home Care Lawyers in Southington, CT

Growing older comes with challenges, but the legal team at Allaire Elder Law is here to ease those burdens. Our nursing home care lawyer in Southington, CT review your financial situation and determine whether you qualify for financial assistance to pay for nursing home costs, including Medicaid benefits.

Paying for Nursing Home Care in Southington CT

We work closely with our clients to determine the best means for covering nursing home expenses, looking into an individual’s trusts and assets. Our nursing home lawyer Stephen O Allaire is committed to ensuring you know all your options so you can decide what works best with your unique situation.

Elder laws can be complex and confusing to those outside the legal realm. Let our nursing home lawyer help you understand legal jargon, terms, and conditions that accompany financial assistance programs.

For instance, Medicaid may cover the cost of nursing home care in Southington CT and surrounding areas, but there are restrictions clients must meet in order to receive aid. The Medicaid program establishes that a person must spend down their assets before receiving funds.

Nursing home care counsel from Allaire Elder Law helps create and implement a plan that allows the ill spouse to allocate their possessions to the healthy spouse up to the maximum allowed, enabling them to receive benefits. In addition, our nursing home lawyer in Southington can develop trusts that protect one spouse’s assets while making the other eligible for federal or state financial assistance.

Contact  the team at Allaire Elder Law for a plan to afford nursing home care in Southington and surrounding areas. We proudly serve clients throughout the Southington, CT region.

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