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Special Needs Trust in Southington CT

When a loved one becomes mentally incapacitated or disabled, it’s a stressful time for the entire family.Take control of you and your family’s future by opting for a special needs trust in Southington. Without proper planning, your loved ones may not be able to receive financial assistance, including Social Security Income and Medicaid, when you have been declared mentally or physically incapacitated.

Southington Special Needs Trust

The legal experts at Allaire Elder Law are your source for drawing up a special needs trust that ensures beneficiaries can have the use of property, as designated by the terms and conditions written into the trust.In lieu of leaving property directly to family members, grantors may wish to leave their estate to the trust so their loved ones can still receive assistance from government programs.

In essence, this legally binding document is designed to protect the assets of those who may become physically or mentally disabled or loved ones who have special needs. Clients may also appoint a trustee, granting the party complete discretion over the special needs trust. In Southington and surrounding areas, funds gained through special needs trusts are typically used to pay for the following types of expenses if they are not paid by state or federal programs:

  • In-Home Health Care
  • Medical Expenses
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Education
  • Vehicles
  • Recreation

There are several complexities associated with creating a legally valid special needs trust. We maintain specialized knowledge, navigating you through the legal realm and educating you about your options. Our team has years of experience forming and handling special needs trusts in Southington, helping clients and their families gain peace of mind.

The Allaire Elder Law Difference

There’s a reason why Connecticut clients choose Allaire Elder Law to draft and finalized their special needs trusts in Southington and surrounding areas. We employ legal expertise to ensure that the wishes of our clients are honored. Our resident attorney and his legal staff guide you through the process and can tailor your trust to suit your particular needs.

Allaire Elder Law is your source for a customized special needs trust in Southington that protects your estate and protects your family’s future. We proudly serve clients throughout the Southington, CT region.

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