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Wills in Southington CT

Here at Allaire Elder Law, we understand that growing older comes with a series of challenges. Our legal team is here to help you handle the creation of your last will and testament. Southington clients trust in us to guide them through the process and understand the benefits of creating this legal document.

Comprehensive Southington Wills Designed With Care

A will is essentially designed to honor the wishes of the deceased. Creating a will in Southington and surrounding areas allows you to allocate your earthly possessions to family members and friends, easing the burdens associated with your passing. Wills in Southington are iron-clad legal documents that contain the following information:

  • Grantor’s name
  • Spouse’s name
  • Children’s names, including step and foster children if they are included
  • Statement revoking other prior existing wills
  • Name of your executor
  • List of powers granted to the executor
  • Personal property and special gifts
  • Instructions for allocating your estate

Validity of Wills in Southington

Drafting a last will and testament alone can be an overwhelming experience. There are several complexities associated with drafting and finalizing a will in Southington, and understanding the specifics can be time-consuming and confusing. Here at Allaire Elder Law, we provide compassionate legal assistance that ensures you outline all your final wishes clearly and properly.

Ensure that wills in Southington hold up in a court of law with help from our experienced legal team. If a will is not properly signed, doesn’t meet state requirements, or the testator was coerced, it may be called into question and contested.Probate laws set out the following requirements for a will to be considered legally valid:

  • Mentally competent
  • Appraised of the nature and extent of your estate
  • Aware of people related to you
  • Aware that you’re creating your will
  • Aware of the property you own

The Allaire Elder Law Difference

Stephen O. Allaire and his skilled staff have been helping clients create wills in Connecticut for years. We are dedicated to ensuring that your final wishes are honored in a last will and testament in Southington by helping you list all your assets and appointing an executor and possibly trustees beneficiaries to take control of your estate after your passing.

Contact Allaire Elder Law for assistance drafting and finalizing wills in Southington and surrounding areas. We proudly serve clients throughout the Southington, CT region.

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