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Alzheimer’s Care in Connecticut

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Many families take on the other components of estate planning, but overlook making plans for long-term Alzheimer’s care in Connecticut. There can be many reasons for this oversight. Some are unaware of the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s and the costs associated with the long-term care the condition requires. Others are aware of the facts concerning Alzheimer’s disease but are reluctant to discuss the potential risks with their elderly family members.Alzheimer's Care in Connecticut

Failing to plan for Alzheimer’s care in Connecticut can mean disaster for a family. The Alzheimer’s Association projects that the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease will increase as the American population continues to age. They estimate that by 2025, 7.1 million people in the United States will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia.

Without a plan for long-term Alzheimer’s care in Connecticut, the responsibility often falls on a family member or loved one. The Alzheimer’s association reports that 80 percent of the care required for Alzheimer’s patients is provided by loved ones, resulting in a total of 17.5 billion hours of unpaid care. Providing constant care for an elderly family member can be draining on the rest of the family, but getting care from a nurse can be too expensive.

Though starting a conversation about Alzheimer’s care in Connecticut with your senior can be awkward, it is necessary to discuss and plan for a possible diagnosis of this often fatal disease. Meeting with a qualified attorney who can assist your family in understanding the options for Alzheimer’s care in Connecticut can provide a starting point after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. While this disease can be overwhelming, having the guidance of an experienced attorney makes the process much more manageable. With a well-planned, legally sound plan in place, you can ensure your loved ones’ last years will be peaceful.

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