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Creating a Life Care Plan For Your Parents

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As our parents get older, they may need some help to ensure they can keep their independence. You may look at getting help from neighbors, other family members, or even outside paid care. Creating a life care plan for your parents can help your family decide what you will require as your parents age.

A Life Care Plan lays out how your loved one’s physical, legal, and financial well-being will be protected. From the day the plan is created until the end of his or her life, care is coordinated, quality of life is maximized, and family wealth can be protected for future generations.
Creating a Life Care Plan should be undertaken if the primary caregiver is finding it difficult or family members are unsure where to turn to find quality care for their loved one.

If a family member is suffering from a chronic condition, or has no family around, then a Life Care Plan should be put in place without delay.

One of the biggest benefits to creating a Life Care Plan is lifting the burden of having to make all of the decisions for your loved one as he or she ages. Our Elder Law Attorney will put in place a financial plan to pay for care and/or qualify for government benefits while protecting as many assets as possible. Under the guidance of our Elder Care Coordinator, you’ll know that each person on the care team has has the best interests of your aging loved one at heart. Your loved one can be assured that they will receive the care they need sooner, allowing them to maintain their independence longer.

By creating a Life Care Plan, your family can plan for their future. Enjoy the increased peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a solid plan in place.

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