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Help For the Sandwich Generation

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What is the Sandwich Generation, you may be wondering? And what help for the Sandwich Generation is available? The Sandwich Generation are caregivers who find themselves squeezed between caring for, their children, while also being responsible for the well being of their elder parents or other aging family members.

If you are a member of the Sandwich Generation, you are not alone. While many people fall into this category, it’s often hard to know which direction you should be headed. You may wonder if your children or your parents need your care the most.

While handling your other responsibilities, it’s important to ensure that your parents are getting adequate care. Then, you have to think about the cost of that care. To get the best information about how to afford care for your parents, you should speak with an elder law attorney in your area.

Cut Through the Confusion with These Resources
There are many ways in which help is available. If you are worried your parents are not taking their medications, there is a special dispensing machine known as a MD2 Personal Medication System that will dispense the pill. This clever device also reminds your parents to take it and if the pill is not taken from the machine, it will call you to let you know, so you can call your parents and give them a reminder. You may also look at hiring someone to come in once a day to help with meals, cleaning the home, or helping with personal needs for your parents.

Is your aging parent a veteran? The VA has a program called Aid and Attendance which your parents may qualify for and this may pay for in-home care. This can also be used to pay you or a sibling to help do these things for your parents.

There is help available for the Sandwich Generation. To learn more, speak with an experienced elder law attorney in your area.

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