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Life Care Planning in Cheshire, CT

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Life Care Planning in Cheshire CTAs the baby boomer generation ages, more and more Americans are now faced with a reversal of roles. The parents that have always cared for them are now growing older and require care. The dynamics of this new relationship can be very difficult to master. One of the best ways to help aging parents adjust to this new type of relationship is to involve them in the process of life care planning in Cheshire, CT.

Easy ways to help families respond to challenges caused by chronic illness, disability, or aging include:

Present them with options. While it may be apparent that a senior needs to move into an assisted living facility, letting them choose which facility specifically can help to make the transition easier. Set up tours of several local facilities and let the senior have some time to see which feels comfortable.

Plan ahead. Sit down with seniors before they become too ill to give their opinion and preferences. The senior’s specific wishes for medical and long term care can be recorded in a document that will act as a blueprint for the future. This type of life care planning in Cheshire, CT, may require help from an elder law attorney in order to be legally binding.

Stick with routines wherever possible. If Thanksgiving dinner has always been held at your senior’s home, assure them that no matter where they go, that event will continue to happen. Even if your senior ends up in a nursing care facility where cooking a large meal isn’t possible, bringing dinner to their room for everyone to share can be a way to keep the tradition alive.

Life care planning in Cheshire, CT from Allaire Elder Law can define, organize, and prioritize all aspects of your loved one’s care to help him or her maintain their quality of life.

For more information regarding Life Care Planning in Cheshire CT,contact Allaire Elder Law today!


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