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Long Term Care for Veterans – What Programs Are Avaliable

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Back in 1930, Congress established the Department of Veterans Affairs. Although not well known, the Veterans Administration, or VA, has programs that provide several types of long term care for veterans. Veterans with service connected disabilities who are receiving a pension or who meet specific guidelines may be able to receive medical care, home care, and other valuable services.

Veterans may also qualify for nursing home care in state veterans’ homes, although the number of beds available is often limited due to high demand. There are also certain disability income programs, including a program known as the Aid & Attendance Pension. The Aid & Attendance Pension provides benefits for veterans and surviving spouses who need help eating, bathing, getting dressed, or going to the bathroom. It needs to be established by your doctor that you require daily assistance and are unable to function completely on your own.

In addition, the Veterans Administration, or VA, understands the importance of the support that a family caregiver provides. Updated services and programs for family caregivers of veterans are being introduced. In addition, there are additional VA services available to provide severely injured post-9/11 veterans and their family caregivers with comprehensive assistance.

The following programs and services for family caregivers of veterans are now available:

• Monthly Financial Stipend
• Respite Care
• National Caregiver Support Line
• Caregiver Coordinators
• Caregiver Website
• Easter Seals Caregiver Training
• Online Caregiver Workshop

When looking for the best way to pay for home care, families are well advised to look for a qualified elder law attorney who is accredited by the VA, since there are income and asset requirements that need to be met. Before you file an application If you think you may qualify for VA Aid & Attendance, seek the advice of an experienced elder law attorney in your area.


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