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Nursing Home Care in Thomaston, CT

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homecare and elder careIt’s never easy deciding that your parent or spouse should be placed in a nursing home for their own health and well-being. In addition, nursing home expenses can quickly empty your savings account, leaving you and your loved one destitute. Who should you turn to when you need assistance financing nursing home care? Consider hiring a nursing home care lawyer in Thomaston.

Financing Nursing Home Care

The experienced attorneys at Allaire Elder Law help Connecticut clients explore ways to pay for nursing home care. Thomaston clients know they don’t have to face this emotionally draining challenge alone when they have a compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer by their side.

Benefits of Hiring an Elder Law Attorney

Hiring an elder law attorney means you don’t have to endure the stress of finding and applying for financial assistance by yourself. A nursing home care lawyer works with you one-on-one to help you supplement the high cost of placing your family member in a nursing home. In addition, attorneys are aware of loopholes and particular requirements that you may overlook.

Nursing home care in Thomaston is within reach. Though there are several complicated clauses and legal terms associated with applying for nursing home financial aid, attorneys at Allaire Elder Law analyze assets and trusts to determine what programs for which you or your loved one may qualify. If a client does not possess any trusts, elder law attorneys can even develop one to protect the client’s assets while allowing their spouse to maintain eligibility for certain programs.

Contact Allaire Elder Law today to speak with an elder law legal expert about nursing home care in Thomaston, CT.contact Allaire Elder Law today!


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