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Nursing Home Funding in Cheshire CT

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home care nursing home fundingThere’s a fine line between luxury and necessity, and this is especially true when shopping for a nursing home. For many families, the need for good nursing home care is debilitated by the high cost of paying for it. Allaire Elder Law offers solutions for nursing home funding in Cheshire, CT.

How much does nursing home care cost? The United States government estimates that nursing home care may cost $70,000 per year, or approximately $6,000 per month. With increasing life expediencies, many people live in a nursing home for more than a decade.

At Allaire Elder Law, we help our clients find options for nursing home funding in Cheshire and surrounding areas. If you are a veteran who served during U.S. wartime, you may qualify for up to $2,054 in monthly aid and attendance benefits for nursing home funding. In Cheshire, spouses of deceased veterans may also be able to qualify for certain monthly benefits.

For some seniors, it may be difficult to qualify for Medicaid since there are strict income and asset limits. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to spend every last penny you have to qualify for nursing home funding. In Cheshire, Allaire Elder Law can create a life care plan, establish trusts, or reallocate assets to help you qualify for funding.

 For more information regarding Nursing Home Funding in Cheshire CT,contact Allaire Elder Law today!

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