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Probate in Cheshire CT – Legal Solutions and Advice

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When a loved one dies, his or her estate needs be legally settled. Assets need to be counted, debts need to be paid, and property needs to be transferred. For Cheshire residents Probate in Cheshire CT can quickly become confusing to those who have never experienced it. Since there are many legal questions and concerns that can arise during the probate process. With years of knowledge and experience, you need an attorney experienced with probate in Cheshire to provide you with legal solutions and advice throughout the probate process.

Your estate consists of everything you own. This includes houses, land, furniture, jewelry, vehicles, and intangible personal property, such as stocks, bonds, and bank accounts. An estate also may be comprised of proceeds of life insurance policies and death benefits. All of these elements are referred to as your assets or property.

In a non-probate transfer, property or assets pass to a beneficiary due to the way property was titled or named. During his or her lifetime, the decedent titled his or her property in a way that specifically designated someone to receive it at death. During a probate transfer, property is passed to a specific individual according to a will or according to the laws of inheritance if the decedent had no will.

Probate lawyers provide legal services for the administration and litigation of an estate. Probate interprets and carries out the last will and testament of the deceased. During probate in Cheshire, an estate executor will be appointed and all claims against the estate need will be settled. Most people talk about probate in Cheshire as if it were a complicated bureaucratic nightmare. A probate lawyer is dedicated to making probate fast and easy, helping you avoid unnecessary aggravation. For more information regarding probate in Cheshire, contact Allaire Elder Law today!

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