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Special Needs Trust in Watertown, CT

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Special Needs Trust in Watertown CTOften, life throws us curve balls and we’re faced with difficult decisions that we never anticipated. What do you do when a loved one becomes mentally disabled or ill? Suddenly, you’re forced to consider property and estate issues, which come packaged with complex laws and confusing legal jargon. Don’t face these legal battles by yourself!

Protecting Assets and Property

Hire an attorney from Allaire Elder Law to set you up with a comprehensive special needs trust in Watertown. Setting up a special needs trust requires a skilled attorney who understands the entire realm of elder law. An elder law attorney ensures that all requirements in the legally binding document will stand up in a court of law.

Importance of Hiring an Elder Law Attorney

Your loved one may not be able to receive financial aid from government programs without a legally valid special needs trust. Watertown clients trust seasoned elder law attorneys at Allaire Elder Law to provide advice and ensure that beneficiaries receive everything that is designated to them through the trust. Funds acquired via a special needs trust are typically used to pay for:

In-Home Care

Medical Expenses




Ensure that your family member is taken care of, their property is protected, and that their wishes are honored with a special needs trust. Watertown clients also have the option to appoint a trustee who has complete discretion regarding the trust. Some clients may also wish to leave their estate to the trust so that family members will be eligible for financial aid.

Contact the team at Allaire Elder Law today to set up a special needs trust in Watertown, CT.


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