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Steps to Save the Family Home in Southington CT

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Steps to Save Family Home in Southington CTWhen you plan for the future, it’s important to weigh every factor, including finances, current state of health, and the direction that you want your family’s future to be headed. Steps to save the family home in Southington need to be taken, especially if you may need nursing home care or another form of long term care in the future. Our elder care attorney can help you protect and preserve this property for your family, even if you do not personally intend to live there for all of your remaining years.

For many seniors, qualifying for Medicaid means selling the home they’ve known for years or spending the assets they’ve worked to maintain. In many situations, adult children are forced to sell their parent’s home, since Medicare benefits do not cover in-home, long-term care needs.

Unfortunately, many families face the prospect of losing their beloved family home in order to qualify for nursing home care. Many families contact us to find viable ways to prevent the loss of the family home. In Southington, learning that the family home can be saved can relieve stress for the entire family. Even if one family member is already in an acute care or nursing care facility, we can still identify the right way to protect the family home.

An experienced and qualified elder law attorney in Southington can help the elderly keep their home and avoid depleting their assets to qualify for Medicaid. At Allaire Elder Law, one of our attorneys can help when determining if a pooled trust, irrevocable trust, or another financial arrangement can work to your advantage.

 For more information regarding Steps to Save Family Home in Southington CT,contact Allaire Elder Law today!

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