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Veteran Benefit Planning in Barkhamsted CT

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Veteran Benefit Planning in Barkhamsted CTAfter serving our country, veterans are entitled to many well-deserved benefits. Unfortunately, many veterans are unaware of these benefits or don’t know how to go about qualifying for them. In other cases, the veteran may suspect that they qualify for benefits but simply be unable to devote the necessary time to completing paperwork and following up to get the benefits.

Many veterans think they are unable to collect a pension because there is no disability tied to their military service. This is actually not the case. With some veteran benefit planning in Barkhamsted, anyone who has served the country can apply for pension and other benefits that can assist them with living and care costs as they age. In some cases, the person in question only has to serve 90 days of active duty during wartime to qualify.

Even those who have lost a spouse who was a veteran may be able to collect a benefit. Under the government’s Aid and Attendance program, there are funds available for surviving spouses and family members. Most eligible military widows or widowers can get just over $1000 a month to put toward living expenses, or in the case of an aging spouse, the cost of an assisted living facility.

Getting advice from a qualified attorney about veteran benefit planning in Barkhamsted CT can make a real difference in the plans you make for the end of your life. Getting the benefits that you have earned by serving the country can help with medical care and necessary living expenses.

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