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CT Elder Law Attorney : Elder Law Practice Areas

CT Elder Law Attorney

At our Bristol, Connecticut law firm, CT elder law attorney Stephen O. Allaire dedicates his practice to helping our clients with the sensitive and difficult issues surrounding long-term health care for senior family members. Together with our support staff he helps each client become eligible for Medicaid, VA Aid and Attendance, and other healthcare benefits while preserving assets that will enhance the senior’s quality of life and preserve the family heritage. More than half of what he does is help families figure out how to keep their loved ones at home and out of a nursing home.

If you would like to speak with Attorney Allaire about senior care planning, contact our office. He will conduct a thorough medical, legal and financial analysis of your situation, taking into account the current value of property, retirement benefits, and other investments. If appropriate he will consult with tax experts, CPAs, and financial advisors in determining how best to protect and allocate assets in order to avoid certain kinds of taxes.

Allaire Elder Law offers comprehensive elder law and related services:

Elder Law : As an elder law attorney, Stephen O. Allaire works closely with clients in order to create elder care plans customized to meet the needs of each family.

Asset Protection and Medicaid : Many elderly Americans face the prospect of losing their home or spending down their assets to the point of impoverishment in order to qualify for Medicaid. We offer legal strategies to preserve assets.

Home Care and Elder Care : We design innovative life care plans for people in need of Medicaid home care assistance.

Home Care and Nursing Home Funding : It’s difficult to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to find necessary funding. Let skilled  CT elder law attorney Stephen O. Allaire help you accomplish this, as well as estate and life care planning.

Keeping Mom and Dad in Their Own Home : CT Elder law attorney Stephen O. Allaire can create strategies to help children of elderly parents connect with and find funding for vital community support resources.

Nursing Home Care : Working closely with our clients, Mr. Allaire determines how best to pay for nursing home care, often preserving the family home, retirement and other assets.

Special Needs Trust : A special needs trust can be used to provide medical care and financial support for a disabled loved one while preserving a portion of your estate for your other heirs.

Wills : Our estate planning lawyer can carefully construct the instruments that ensure your plan will stand the test of time.

Trusts : An irrevocable trust can be created to transfer assets such as the family home or other assets that you would like to keep in the family, which will still preserve the special IRS rules to avoid capital gains taxes.

Probate : During the difficult period following the death of a loved one, a lawyer can provide thorough and sensitive legal services to executors and heirs.

Real Estate : The attorney at Allaire Elder Law helps individuals with the sale, purchase, or transfer of property.

For more information regarding our practice and how we can help you with planning for home health care, estate planning or other matters, contact Attorney Stephen O. Allaire at our Bristol, Connecticut, office.

We serve clients in greater Bristol and throughout the State of Connecticut.


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