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Choose Our Premier Bristol CT Elder Law Attorney – Stephen Allaire

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Preparing for the future can be challenging, as one never knows what life holds for them. It’s hard to accurately calculate a person’s long-term health care and financial needs, but a close estimate is often possible when one turns to a Bristol CT, Elder Law attorney. The attorney can bring together a team of experts to calculate these needs and offer creative and innovative solutions to ensure the client’s needs are met in the future regardless of what life has in store. This process cannot begin too early either, thanks to this uncertainty. Following are some areas where the elder law attorney can be of help.

Bristol CT Home Care

Certain individuals find they need assistance with daily tasks, such as bathing and dressing, as they age. Bringing someone in to assist with these tasks can be costly over time, and many people find they can’t ask loved ones to help with these tasks for various reasons. When outside help is needed, individuals will find they have options available in the form of government programs. An elder law attorney in Bristol, CT, can be of help in determining if a person is eligible for these programs and what type of help they may receive based on the criteria of each program considered.

In-Home Nursing Care

At times, people find they need assistance with more than everyday tasks if they wish to remain in their homes. They need nursing care, yet find the cost to be too expensive. As a result, they feel they must explore other options, such as nursing home facilities. However, they may find they are eligible for nursing services while remaining in the home, including physical therapy, medical social services, speech therapy, and homemaker-home health aide services. In addition, these services may be paid for through Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance companies. Those who find they need this type of care should contact Bristol, CT Elder Law attorney Stephen Allaire to ensure they obtain the help they need at a cost they can afford.

Nursing Home Care

Nursing home care tends to be costly, and individuals may worry their loved ones will be bankrupted while paying for this care. For example, nursing home residents who wish to be eligible for Medicaid find they cannot have more than $1,600 in assets, yet this does not mean their spouse is limited to this amount. The healthy spouse retains certain assets the courts have deemed exempt, such as a home, regardless of its value. Furthermore, the healthy spouse can have a monthly income of a set amount, determined by the state, and this amount is currently $2,980. Individuals who wish to have nursing home care for a loved one or themselves should seek counsel from Allaire Elder Law, to learn how to protect their assets and receive funds to pay for this care.

Asset Protection

No one wants to work their entire life to buy assets, such as a home or car, only to find the assets are taken to pay for long-term care for themselves or a loved one, yet this happens frequently. Sadly, one major obstacle when it comes to financial planning for one’s parents or an older spouse can be difficult because the person doesn’t want to share their financial information with others or wishes to keep the contents of their will private until their demise.  Many in this situation, however, feel comfortable sharing this information with an elder law attorney in Bristol. CT, thus this is an option families should consider. The attorney reviews the plans in place with the client, along with their current financial status, to ensure they have the funds for future care that may be needed, and this is only one of many ways an attorney can be of assistance when it comes to protecting an individual’s assets.

Estate Planning

Estate planning may involve the creation of many documents. Numerous individuals find a will is no longer sufficient to outline what they wish to happen in the event they become disabled or pass away. Asset protection is of concern to many, while others want to ensure funds are set aside for a charitable organization and some need to establish trusts for family members with special needs. A financial power of attorney is necessary for many people, and everyone should outline their choices when it comes to health care and the end of their life. An attorney determines which documents should be put into place to make certain all bases are covered.

Contact the law office of Stephen Allaire. A Bristol, CT Elder Law attorney who is known for providing compassionate counsel and proven results. Regardless of the person’s situation, he works to find solutions that meet their unique needs as opposed to using a one-size-fits-all approach. Don’t delay in planning for the future. Many individuals save for retirement only to find the funds are eaten up because they didn’t accurately determine what their needs might be and what outside resources were available to them. Life care planning can ensure this isn’t the case, and Mr. Allaire is ready and willing to help all.


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