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Why Should You Hire A Canton CT Elder Law Attorney?

Canton CT Elder Law

There are many experienced attorneys in Connecticut, so why should you specifically hire an Canton, CT Elder Law attorney? That’s an excellent question, with a simple answer. It’s because elder care is a specialty. After all, you wouldn’t hire even the world’s best brain surgeon if you needed heart surgery.

What is an Elder Care Attorney?

The difficulties involved in qualifying a senior for Medicaid long-term care coverage were responsible for the evolution of “elder law” in the 1980s, now commonly referred to as “elder care law.” Gradually, seniors and caretakers began to search for those attorneys with the most experience in that area, leading to the recognition of Elder Care attorneys.

There is one very important distinction between a Elder Care Attorney and other attorneys. Elder care law is defined by the needs of the client rather than being limited to a specific set of laws, such as constitutional law or real estate law. Elder care attorneys deal with a wide range of legal issues and federal and state regulations, but more is needed.

In order to provide a high level of legal counsel to our clients, we must maintain a wide network of the professionals serving the needs of elders in the local community. It takes time to gain this knowledge, but it’s absolutely essential to know the people and organizations working with Canton seniors and to be familiar with the services that they provide.

What Issues are Handled by an Elder Care Attorney?

An attorney focusing on Elder Care needs to understand the unique needs of seniors and their families. We understand the physical and emotional problems associated with aging and health issues, as well as the varied needs of family caretakers. For example, preparations for nursing home care depend upon whether this care is needed next week or not for some time. We deal with both long-term planning and finding solutions for emergency situations.

As a Canton, CT Elder Law attorney attorney, we can help your family with a wide variety of issues including:

  • Wills and estate planning, probate issues and special needs planning for either a minor or adult;
  • The creation of necessary powers of attorney (durable, health and/or financial) for the caretaker or other designated person;
  • Financial planning, including estate, income, and gift tax concerns;
  • Health care issues, Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans’ benefits and options for long-term care;
  • Living will and other advance directives;
  • Help with locating and managing the expenses of long-term care facilities.

Ensuring that the family and the senior understand the rights of a nursing home resident and help with filing any claims later if necessary.

  • Guardianship issues, selection, and appointment;
  • Issues concerning the senior’s home;
  • Planning for the needs of the well spouse who will need assets protected for their own future care.

Preparing for Your First Meeting 

It’s helpful if some preparation is done in advance of the first meeting with an elder care attorney. There’s a reason concerning Connecticut Elder Care that has led you to believe that you could benefit from the legal counsel of Allaire Elder Law, so make a list of all of the questions that you may have so that all of your issues are addressed.

Canton, CT Elder Law attorney Stephen Allaire has been representing clients with a wide range of issues involving elder care for many years.  At Allaire Elder Law, we recognize the uniqueness of Canton seniors and focus on finding you best possible solutions for the problems of aging.


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