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Keeping Mom and Dad at Home in CT

keeping mom and dad at home in ct

Many of our clients ask us what they can do if their elderly parents want to remain in their own home. Most parents prefer to stay in their own home where their children grew up and they have maintained connections to the community. However, what can you do if your mom and dad are having trouble navigating the stairs or remembering to take their medications?

Keeping Mom and Dad at home is often easier than some may think. The most important thing is to create a solid home health care plan with home care resources in Connecticut to ensure that their physical and other needs are met.

At Allaire Elder Law, we have a track record of success in helping clients address elder care issues throughout Connecticut. With many years of experience handling elder law cases just like yours, we have the knowledge needed to help clients secure the services needed for keeping Mom and Dad at home.

Creating a Home Health Care Plan

There are many support services available to help you in keeping Mom and Dad at home, but it is difficult to know which ones are appropriate for your parent’s needs and income resources. When you consult with our elder law firm, you also gain the expertise of our skilled elder care coordinator who will assess the needs of your parents with kindness and compassion.

It is critical that you help to make your parents’ home safe with the proper home care resources. They may require adaptive technology, such as a stair lift or hand grips in the bathtub. It may also requiring the moving the washer and dryer to the main level.

Our elder care coordinator will also assess the need for assistance with house cleaning, meal preparation, dressing, personal hygiene, or taking medications. Once your parents’ needs are identified, our elder care coordinator will reach out to social workers in the community or in nursing homes to coordinate care, including health care funding resources. Accessing community home health care resources and home health care funding is critical to keeping Mom and Dad at home.

Receiving the care and treatment your parents need as they age doesn’t have to automatically mean that they need to leave their home and lose their assets. To schedule a confidential consultation about your elder law concerns, Contact the planning attorney at Allaire Elder Law today!

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