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Stephen & Halley AllaireElder Law Attorneys

Allaire Elder Law is comprised of dedicated, caring individuals with a focus on protecting the elderly, and those of us who are disabled. Attorney Stephen O. Allaire (Of Counsel) believes in honoring the dedication and pride in one's life's achievements. His lifelong commitment has been to help protect families and individuals as an advocate for the elderly. Attorney Halley Allaire was raised with those core values and has followed in her father's footsteps.

About Us

Who We Are

Allaire Elder Law serves clients throughout Connecticut. Our firm is dedicated to getting your loved ones the best care possible in the least restrictive setting, while preserving your assets for the family. We provide help and guidance with healthcare related decisions, living arrangements, associated financial issues, Medicaid and Veterans benefits, elder law, estate and tax planning, special needs trusts, probate, and estate and trust administration.

Your family will benefit from our comprehensive, holistic approach, as we understand that the entire problem you face must be handled, not just the legal issues, financial impacts or physical care needs.

Our team offers legal advice, encouragement, and most importantly, advocates to help protect you or your loved ones. Our priority is always to keep individuals in the best possible living environment that can safely meet their needs. We strive to preserve the marital assets for both spouses, so  that it is possible to afford to stay  home with all necessary care.

Allaire Elder Law has helped innumerable people like you navigate through the maze of laws and regulations to obtain the very best care and to preserve as many of your family assets as possible.



Our Values

Our core values is always the best interests of the client and their spouse. We believe their wishes should be upheld and we should maintain the focus on what our client has asked of us.
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Our Vision

We will continue to serve our community and offer the most approrpiate legal advice based on the unique situation and needs of our clients.
We publish regular articles to educate the populous about elder law and how it can impact their loved ones.
We are dedicated to community involvement to help give back to our loved ones by protecting their rights and assets.

Allaire Elder Law

Why Choose Us

We care about the issues  our law firm practices.
Whether we are working with a client on a legal medicaid issue, helping a veteran obtain the benefits he or she deservers, or helping a family create a will, we are dedicated to each and every client.
Our attorneys and legal team spend their time researching to help ensure we can offer accurate legal advice, and competent legal representation for our clients.
Our team can help with all types of legal planning. Whether it is working on an estate plan, or enforcing a life care plan, our attorneys and legal professionals will help to guide you to develope the most strategic plan for your situation.
We prepare all legal documents in accordance with the laws of the state of Connecticut to help do everything in our power to protect our clients rights, and help them maintain their appropriate results for their situation.
We are advocates for the elderly, the disabled, and the military veterans who have served this great country. We help our clients by advocating for their rights and focusing on their needs.
Our firm is committed to honoring our clients with a focus on honesty and integrity. Our team of legal professionals helps to do what is right for our clients, using decades of our legal experience and advocacy.



Our memberships and awards...
We are members of the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association whose member law firms have staff that includes not only elder law attorneys, but social workers, geriatric care coordinators, Medicaid specialists and Veterans benefits specialists.
Stephen O. Allaire
Stephen O. AllaireAttorney At Law Of Counsel
Halley Allaire
Halley AllaireAttorney At Law

Our Team


Our team of attorneys is dedicated to help you with your elder law legal issues.

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