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When elderly people are no longer able to care for themselves, their adult children can be faced with the difficult decision to place them in a nursing home to ensure they receive the care they need. Unfortunately, the cost of nursing home care often exceeds or exhausts the assets that are available from the family estate. At Allaire Elder Law, we can explore trusts, assets, and other estate planning strategies that can help to pay for nursing home care. We can also determine if an individual may qualify for Medicaid benefits. Working closely with our clients and their families, we can determine how you can best pay for nursing home care.

Ways to Pay for Nursing Home Expenses

While Medicaid may pay for some nursing home care in CT, it also requires that a person spend down their assets before receiving assistance. If both a husband and wife are still alive, one may require nursing home care, while the other may not. Our nursing home care lawyer can help you develop a plan that allows the ailing spouse to allocate all of their assets to the healthy spouse, making them eligible to receive Medicaid benefits. In other instances, our nursing home lawyer can help to create certain kinds of trusts that help to protect your valuable assets while still making one eligible for assistance from the state or federal government.

Since every case is unique, our nursing home care lawyer can consult with accountants, care planners, doctors, and accountants to work through issues that may arise while planning for your care. We take a preventive approach to nursing home care, creating financial and legal plans that stand the test of time and help your loved one get the nursing home care they need.

Take The First Step Now

We know that it can be difficult to convince an aging parent to entrust you with their finances. Our nursing home Elder Law Attorneys understand the issues that families can encounter. We are happy to meet with you and your aging parent to alleviate any concerns that either of you might have while looking into how to pay for nursing home care.

To learn more about how your aging parent can pay for nursing home carecontact us at Allaire Elder Law today!

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