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Elderly and disabled individuals that remain in their homes, instead of entering a nursing home facility, may be eligible to receive medical benefits from state and federal programs. It is also possible to financially plan to provide for home health care with the assistance of a home health care attorney in CT such as Allaire Elder Law. However, to establish a financial health care plan or obtain government medical care benefits, it is essential that you have an attorney on your side that understands the rules and can effectively guide you through the processes.

We at Allaire Elder Law, LLC provide senior citizens, disabled individuals and their families with comprehensive home health care eligibility planning services. We are able to travel and meet with clients in Bristol and throughout the surrounding communities in Connecticut. Contact us today to further discuss your needs and begin working together to develop a sound financial plan.

When dealing with home health care planning, our home health care attorney,  Stephen Allaire, will help you understand what government programs are available to you based upon your level of need, your assets and your income. We carefully analyze all of your income and assets, while also evaluating what type of care you require, to ensure that the proper benefits are requested and effective plans are in place.

Government Programs for the Elderly

Connecticut assistance for home health care is categorized into three levels, each having certain eligibility requirements and varying levels of care and compensation that can be provided.


Level 1:

A state-funded program, individuals that qualify for level 1 benefits may be able to receive up to $1,464 per month of home care.

Level 2:

This level of benefits, also from the state-funded program, provides for up to $2,929 per month of home care.

Level 3:

This is a Medicaid program that in 2008 provides up to $5,857 per month for home care, plus payment of all medical expenses.

We Can Help!

There are home health care services available in your community. Contact Allaire Elder Law  to learn more about your options for securing Medicaid benefits, veterans benefits, long term care and home-based care services.

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