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Saving The Family Home

When you plan for the future, it is important to weigh every factor, including your finances, current state of your health, and the future of your family. Any estate plan or life care plan should consider these elements.

Protecting the family home is an important aspect of these plans, especially if you anticipate needing nursing home care or another form of long term care.

Learn How to Save the Family Home

A good elder care attorney can help you keep your home and save your home from Medicaid, even if you do not personally intend to live there for all of your remaining years. If protecting or saving your home is a priority for you, the senior law attorneys in Connecticut at Allaire Elder Law can help.

Stephen O. Allaire and Halley Allaire are experienced Connecticut-based elder law attorneys, who can advise clients on a wide selection of wills and senior care issues. Our senior law attorneys can customize a unique approach to the issues facing each client and their family members.

In our experience, many families face losing a beloved family home in order to afford nursing home care. For many of our husband and wife clients, we can save your home from Medicaid and other risk factors. Even after one family member is already in a nursing care facility, we can still help the family identify the right way to protect their assets.

With the advice and assistance of the senior law attorney in Connecticut at Allaire Elder Law, you can hold on to your family home for generations to come. Contact our office today to learn more!


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