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Elder Home Care 

Elder Home Care

Elderly people or people who are disabled often need Elder Home Care that insurance companies will not cover, and families are unable to afford. At Allaire Elder Law, we can help people develop a life-care plan and implement specific strategies designed to help them become eligible for and pay for the home care that they need. 

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If you or someone you know needs to be cared for at home, you owe it to yourself and your family to learn about life-care planning and Medicaid planning. Allaire Elder Law has the knowledge and experience needed to provide innovative, creative solutions and ways to pay for your Elder home care.

There are very strict and specific eligibility requirements for Medicaid coverage, since Medicaid is available only to those with limited income and assets. In many cases, our elderly clients and their families believe that the only way to pay for home care is to spend all of your assets down and hope you qualify for Medicaid assistance. This is not your only solution! In many cases, our home care lawyer in can help you protect some or all of your assets while still legally qualifying for Medicaid assistance.

The law allows people to qualify for Medicaid and other health care benefits through the creation of trusts and the proper spending and reallocation of assets. To determine what best fits your needs, our home care attorney can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your medical and financial situation. Working with tax experts, doctors, health care specialists, and accountants, if needed, we can create life care plans that protect your assets while qualifying you for the financial assistance for elder home care that you need. If at all possible, we want to keep your loved ones in their own home.

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If you are a senior citizen or related to an elderly or disabled individual, get in touch with Allaire Elder Law today! We can relieve the stress and anxiety associated with worrying about medical expenses, nursing home costs, and the cost of home care.  Our home care lawyer may be able to offer you the help that you need!
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