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Probate Legal Services

When someone passes away, his or her estate must be legally settled. Assets need to be counted, debts must be paid, and property needs to be transferred. Allaire Elder Law is an experienced probate attorney. 

Effective Legal Services For The Administration of An Estate

Most people talk about probate as if it were a nightmare of complicated bureaucratic wrangling. Allaire Elder Law is dedicated to making probate as fast and easy as possible. We can help you avoid the aggravation typically associated with probate cases. Our probate lawyers are ready to provide you with effective legal services for the administration of an estate. Probate is necessary to interpret and carry out the instructions of the last will and testament of the deceased. During this process, an executor of the estate may also be appointed and all claims against the estate will be settled.

Probate law can quickly become confusing to those who have never been through it before. There are many legal questions and concerns that can arise during the process. With years of knowledge and experience, our probate attorney and paralegals can provide you with proven legal solutions and advice throughout the entire probate process.

At Allaire Elder Law, we make probate as easy as possible.

We Can Help!

Our probate attorney has a comprehensive knowledge of Connecticut probate laws. If the will of your loved one is contested, Allaire Elder Law has the knowledge and experience you need to properly defend any will during probate proceedings. We will not hesitate to call expert witnesses in accounting, geriatrics, or any other field if the competence or financial transactions of the deceased are questioned. Our probate attorneys are committed to defending the rights of our clients!

For more information regarding probate and how we can help you, contact Allaire Elder Law today.

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