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Kudos for Bristol Hospital Homecare

Kudos for Bristol Hospital Homecare

A month ago, I had bypass surgery despite years of daily working out and being in very good shape. As I learned, no matter how fit you are, heart artery blockages have nothing to do with physical fitness, except being physically fit can mask the problem. For me, there were months of feeling very tired, despite no other symptoms. After doctors could not explain it, my cardiologist ordered a nuclear stress test which showed significant blockages, and an attempted angioplasty showed 5 blockages. The surgery team at Hartford Hospital did a professional and successful four way bypass, followed by a week of hospital recovery. The protocol is to have patients do in home nursing and therapy. Hartford Hospital has an excellent reputation for that, as does Bristol Hospital, so because I live in Bristol, I chose them for the in home nursing follow up and in home therapy.

The in home nurse, Jody Pinkerton was professional, thorough and checked every aspect of my vitals and demeanor to make sure I was in good medical condition. You’ve heard the old quip, “I was in great condition for the condition I was in.” Home therapy for those on Medicare is a skilled Medicare covered program, if ordered by your doctor, and can provide therapy at home. Medicare covers skilled physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nursing services in the home. The physical therapist, Alan Waskowicz, was as thorough and professional as I could ever have expected. He ran through his tests and laid out the exercises I was to do in great detail with the physical explanations of why the movements were necessary and what to expect. It was as professional and thorough as anyone could expect. In addition, he examined my left shoulder and arm which had significant pain combined with some numbness in the left arm. He diagnosed it as a result of the position I had to be put in for the surgery. The solution was so simple I was shocked. Put ice on the neck and shoulder for 15 minutes, not more. More time actually reverses the neuro chemical process. Take the ice pack off, wait 15 minutes, and again apply the ice for 15 minutes. This was done several times and by next morning the combination of pain and numbness was gone. Unbelievable. So for all amateur athletes, it’s 15 minutes ice and then at least 15 minutes off.

The larger point of this article is that at home therapy can be available under the skilled Medicare coverage program for people on Medicare and prescribed by the doctor. Hartford Healthcare at Home also has been excellent for our clients and Hartford Healthcare has extensive therapy programs at their facilities. Our elder care coordinators on the Allaire Elder Law staff, over the years, have successfully referred many clients to them and Bristol Hospital for rehabilitation.
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