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Questions to Ask when Hiring an Elder Law Attorney

Questions to Ask when Hiring an Elder Law Attorney

Hiring an elder law attorney is an important decision. Having legal documentation about property, finances, powers of attorney, and final wishes is important as you or your loved one enter your final years. When you make the decision to hire the right elder law attorney, you will save valuable time, money, and energy.

Unfortunately, hiring the wrong elder attorney may mean that your problems have just begun. Many well-intentioned people, just like you, may hire an inexperienced law firm to save a few dollars or use do-it-yourself legal forms found online. To save you from this potential headache, here are some questions to ask when hiring an elder law attorney.

A Few Questions To Ask When Hiring An Elder Law Attorney

1. Are you a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys or the Elder Law Section of the Connecticut Bar Association?

NAELA defines the scope of elder law and gives the latest news about legal issues affecting the elderly. NAELA also has a searchable directory, making it easier for you to find out if the firm you are considering is a member. The Elder Law Section of the Connecticut Bar Association deals with the elder law rules and laws specific to Connecticut. Our elder law attorney, Stephen O. Allaire, has been a member of NAELA since 1998, and has been an officer of the Connecticut Elder Law Section and frequent speaker on elder law issues.

2. How long have you been in practice?

Ask how long the firm has been in practice and how long the attorney has been practicing law. More importantly, ask how much experience he or she has handling elder law cases. A graduate of West Point and Georgetown University Law Center, Stephen O. Allaire was admitted to the Connecticut Bar Association almost 40 years ago.

3. What percentage of your practice is devoted to elder law?

Some attorneys claim to specialize in elder law. However, this may be just one of the types of cases they handle. At Allaire Elder Law, our firm is devoted entirely to the practice of elder law.

4. Does the firm handle at least five Medicaid planning cases per month?

At Allaire Elder Law, we take in many more cases than that and have sufficient staff to handle each case with close attention to detail.

5. Does the firm have in house social workers or elder care coordinators?

With such skills, families can be better advised on the amount and type of care needed, and where to get it.

Don’t be afraid to pose these questions when hiring an elder law attorney that you are considering. Stephen O. Allaire and elder law team sincerely wants to help relieve the stress and anxiety associated with the legal, financial and health care challenges of aging.

Attorneys Stephen O. Allaire (Of Counsel) and Halley C. Allaire are partners in the law firm of Allaire Elder Law.
Attorneys Stephen O. Allaire (Of Counsel) and Halley C. Allaire are members of the National Academy of Elder Law. Attorneys, Inc.
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